Frequently Asked Questions

Have you received my application for an internship?

Each semester we receive hundreds of applications. Please check your inbox for an e-mail from with the subject "Thank you for your internship application." You should have received it immediately after you submitted your application. If you received this e-mail, we have your application in our database.

Have you received all the necessary information?

Each semester we receive hundreds of applications. If our website allowed you to submit your application, our system worked, and we have captured all of the information we need.

What if I have already received another offer? Can I be notified of Cato's decision before the notification date?

Congratulations! The notification date, however, remains the same.

Can I send my updated resume?

There is no need to send a resume with your application. If we decide we want a resume from you, we will request one later in the process.

Can I call with questions?

You may call with questions, but if you do, please leave a voicemail with the spelling of your name, your phone number, your e-mail address, and your specific question. Please note: We prefer queries by e-mail so that we have all of your information in writing.

I really want to be a Cato intern, but I'm not available for the entire time. Is that okay?

If you are accepted as a Cato intern, we will cross that bridge when we come to it, but our very strong preference is to take only interns who can commit to a full-time internship for the entire semester.

Can I extend my internship to longer than the allotted time slot?

Unfortunately, no. Interns cannot repeat the internship program or extend it. 

Will I receive notification if I am not selected?

Yes, Cato will notify all applicants.

What is the stipend?
  • $1000 a month paid biweekly.
  • Law students receive specific legal work as well as a higher stipend.
  • International interns are eligible for visa funding.
  • Part time internships are permitted in exceptional cases and part time interns receive a pro-rated stipend.
Does Cato offer housing for their interns?

No, but we do send out links to help interns on their search ( and connect them with one another to discuss it once they have been accepted into the program.